Review: Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion

Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion, the fashion exhibit now showing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, takes a comprehensive look at the evolution of fashion through time.

After taking a trip to the MET on a cold Monday morning, I was ready to be in awe and blown away by the art of fashion. While I was blown away by the contrast in fashion from the 18th century to the 21st Century, I must say I was underwhelmed by the size of the exhibit. The portion of the MET that typically holds all of the fashion exhibits, including Charles James‘, is quite small and leaves little room for expansion.

Besides the space actually provided by the MET for fashion exhibits, the Unpacking Fashion exhibit was quite interesting and inspiring. From the 18th, 19th, Contemporary, 20th, and 21st centuries, in the small space provided, the exhibit was laid out well and beautifully.

My personal favorite piece was that of Mr. Alexander McQueen. Though, this piece looks exactly like butterflies symmetrically placed on each other, it is actually hand painted feathers that were individually placed to make this incredible piece.

To contrast, the pieces from the 19th century are drastically different from the above shown piece by McQueen. This British dinner dress was fashionable then, but clearly would not be caught dead in this now. But as we know, fashion changes with the times, and conservative dressing was super important centuries ago, especially in women at the dinner table. Nowadays, we could wear glorified sweatpants to dinner and no one would bat an eye.


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